Export business

Chemical products always adhere to the concept of green development, adhere to the deep cultivation of biomass fuel, focus on the export business of chemical products and rely on the advantages of the provincial import and export platform, through the point with the surface, the surface with the full model, all-round expansion. Horizontal expansion of oil products (including glycerin, fatty acids, fatty alcohols, etc.), vertical expansion of planting link pesticides, pesticide intermediates and other products.

Main industrial grade mixed oil, biodiesel, aromatics, bromine aromatics, phase transfer catalyst, coating additives, dye intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates, etc.

The Textile and Light Industry Division of the company has been focusing on the export of household POTS, socks, clothing, bed textiles and other commodities, and is committed to providing customers at home and abroad from the design, customization, production, logistics and other systematic solutions. We are committed to building a professional team to "understand the factory better than the customer and understand the customer better than the factory".

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